good intentions

Psychology major at the University of Florida. 19. Jesus sustains me. He is still teaching me how to love wholeheartedly, how to forgive completely, and how to give generously. I'm a keeper of journals, many lists, and collections of quotations and fortune cookies. Introvert with a rebellious streak.

cue rant

Ok, so I grew up with my 2 older brothers constantly joking and laughing and getting mad at each other, but then joking about it 7 minutes later because let’s be real, they can’t NOT like each other.  

Coming to college and living with 3 girls was a very weird experience for me.  I’d never realized how awful girls can be to boys.  The mind games, the waiting however long to send a text, the asking all of their friends’ opinions of what this guy said/did.  Pretending to be interested to get _____.  Pretending not to be interested to have some kind of advantage.  It’s rough!  And of course I’m imperfect and I’ve caught myself doing this too, but I’ve grown to the point where I’m disgusted by it.  Say what you mean!  

And guys…you’re not the greatest either.  I’ve seen a lot of very hurt feelings over boys of interest who had shown interest…but only in a physical relationship.  Or had acted interested via text message for 4 months and then hooked up with another girl.  I don’t know, it all seems pretty stupid.  Friends, let’s stop sabotaging one another!!  Stop having these expectations for interactions with one another and not saying anything about them…communicate!!!  Stop manipulating one another!  Stop reading text messages from 8 different approaches JUST IN CASE they mean something they didn’t say.  Have respect for yourself and the other person enough to speak up.